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Welcome back to the authentic gardening channel in this video, i will take you step by step through planting a little garden in a hollow log. The most challenging part of this project is to find a fitting piece for planting hollow wood occurs.

Naturally, trees get fungus that makes their insides rot. The diseased trees eventually die, but often are spotted by tree service workers and are cut down before they come down crashing on their own.

That's. When you can fetch yourself a perfect hollow log to use as a gardening container, at this point, a guy with a chainsaw is your kind of guy, and if youn are that kind of guy all power to you, it looks interesting.

It will last you a while the rotten wood inside will retain moisture for the plants, while allowing good drainage and the further rotting or composting of the insides will keep providing your plants with food.

Now that we got ourselves this unusually unique container, all we need is a placing dirt and plants to plant in it. Succulents are an easy choice of plants for me since deer eat all kinds of other plants here, but not succulents, and these rosettes look excellent along the vertical gap in the wood, while blocking it and keeping all the dirt inside.

I like to have a variety of shapes and shades growing next to each other. The bright green complements blue green shade playing well against each other. Well, that was fun. Let's. Do it again this time it's, a smaller project and could be used indoors? If you got a sander, you could smooth the rough edges and make the wood look more pretty just make sure you got a fitting dish underneath to catch the dripping.

Moisture succulents love, sun and our hot california weather is perfect for growing them outdoors. My new wood succulent container will be joining the other cycling projects. I have around welcome to the family.

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