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Hi welcome to the authentic gardening channel and today's. Video is going to be about propagating aloe vera plants. Aloe vera is propagated easily. It propagates itself sending underground shoots that emerge on the surface as tiny green knobs at first connected with a mother plant with its umbilical cord that initially supplies the baby plant with everything it needs.

Food and water, but very soon, as the baby plant grows, its own fleshy leaves. It also grows its own roots and switches to fending for itself. With its own root system, the mother plant keeps shooting baby plants all around itself, and eventually it becomes a family or a clump of interconnected aloe vera plants that can beeasily divided into separate plants as each one of them has their own functioning root system.

If the family of aloe vera plants grows in a small confined space like a container, the root systems of all the plants are closely intertwined. It takes some forceful action to separate the plants, cutting the cords that attach the younger plants to the moms separating the roots of the individual plants.

This looks forced, but the plants need it, otherwise they will eventually choke each other competing for space and food. This is a good time to change your container. If you wish to do that, if you want your original plant to get bigger, give it a bigger container.

The bigger is your container. The bigger the aloe vera plant will grow, but if you don & # 39, t have a huge space to give it to your aloe vera. They will stay small in a smaller container, no problem.

These plants are tough, they tolerate small spaces, lack of water and poor soils. They can take a full sun outdoor environment in agricultural zones, 8 to 11 or indoor environment, with poor lighting.

The only thing that will kill your aloe vera plant is the below freezing temperature and it does not like soggy soils with no drainage. It will rot in a too moist environment. De-Clumping and transplanting is a good time to give your plants fresh soil, commercial, potting mix.

With addition of some perlite or sand will work well and the baby plants you pull out of the clump, you can give them away, discard them or plant them separately. You can also extract the healing jelly out of the leaves and freeze it for later use.

It all depends on your needs. How much and how often you use the jelly determines. How often you propagate your aloe vera plants stay healthy while enjoying the company of this amazing healing plant. If you enjoyed this video, please press the like button and check out our other videos with information about all kinds of plants, gardening and cooking with plants and subscribe.

If you're into this kind of stuff, thank you for watching, and i'll, see you in the next video